4.19.2019 -

LISC Institute Presents: Outcomes-based Line of Credit: A New Model for Investing in Social Impact

In this webinar, speakers from LISC, the Reinvestment Fund, and the Nonprofit Finance Fund walk participants through the Outcomes-Based Line of Credit, a new model exploring how credit facilities can be an effective tool to help social service providers scale their programs and services using outcomes-based financing.

3.21.2019 -

LISC Institute webinar: Community Impact Investing from a Practitioner's Perspective

Anyone interested in learning more about the Rubinger Fellowship program, or impact investing from a community development practitioner's perspective should watch this recording.

7.08.2014 -

Financial Cautionary Tales: How to Prevent Common Financial Breakdowns

This webinar by Nonprofit Quarterly discusses topics like the dynamics of funding and decision-making during a financial crisis.

10.10.2013 -

"The ABC's of CDC Financial Management: Understanding the Financial Engine of Your Organization"

In this webinar Joanne Montagner-Hull, president of Your Bean Counters, discusses how to assess organizational financial strength, review the basic requirements needed to effectively manage government funding and teach the A-B-Cā€™s of compliance.