7.15.2020 -

CHAM Webinar: Underwriting for Resilience

The webinar begins with a discussion on the development and underwriting of affordable housing and how it is changing due to the pandemic and our country’s rising awareness of racial equity

7.06.2020 -

Safety and Justice – Supporting Collaborative Approaches for Safe Spaces

This webinar provides an introduction to LISC’s national Safety & Justice program and information on closing the relationship between place and crime. Tom Wyatt, based in Flint, MI, who has led dynamic partnership efforts along that city’s University Avenue Corridor presents on how to reduce crime associated with vacant properties.

6.15.2020 -

LISC Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Webinar

This webinar from LISC’s New York State Housing Stabilization Fund team is designed to help local governments, housing counseling and advocacy agencies and nonprofit partners plan for how to best prevent and mitigate the coming mortgage and property tax foreclosure wave as a result of the financial effects of COVID.

6.10.2020 -

LISC Institute Webinar: Commercial DNA Manual

During this webinar, presenters give an overview of the new Preparing a Commercial District Diagnostic, and listeners will hear a moderated discussion about the development of the manual, and how community partners are implementing its recommendations.

6.05.2020 -

LISC Institute Webinar: Commercial District Recovery Guide

This webinar, will offer participants an introduction to the Commercial District Recovery Guide, dive deeper into tips and recommendations outlined in the guide.