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Celebrating Achievements in Partnerships And Community Leaders

Second Annual Thrive Celebration honors seven leaders and organizations across the metro for their commitment to the community.

From National LISC:
9.04.2018 -

The NYT On LISC’s Bridges to Career Opportunities Program: A Fix That Works

An in-depth article in the New York Times reports on LISC’s Bridges to Career Opportunities program and how it helps low-wage earners make the jump to satisfying, living-wage jobs in careers with room for growth. Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tina Rosenberg visited a flourishing program in Newark and lauds our innovative, multi-service approach in her ...

8.22.2018 -

Metro Lutheran Ministry Joins LISC’s FOC Network

Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry has a well-known reputation for providing food, housing and social services support for Kansas City families. The agency is now building upon its commitment to helping the underserved by providing financial coaching as a LISC Financial Opportunity Center site.