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Rural LISC Welcomes Two New Partners


Joining the Rural LISC network of partner organizations, now 87 strong across 44 states, are two new groups: the Center on Rural Innovation (CORI), an impact investing social enterprise based in Vermont targeting rural communities nationwide, and Go Forward Pine Bluff, a dynamic new initiative created by local citizens dedicated to making the city of Pine Bluff, Ark., “grow and go”. 

CORI’s focus is catalyzing the creation of progressive public, private, and philanthropic partnerships and strategies to help improve economically distressed rural areas. The organization uses a combination of data analytics and an extensive network of rural community leaders to identify communities to support the rural innovation hub model – typically towns that have the most immediate potential for success due to a proximity to an institution of higher education, or a downtown district with under-used historic buildings ready for new life. Then, collaborating with community leaders, it plans and executes a downtown innovation hub using local, regional and national partnerships, and proven best practices.  CORI’s aim is building a network of rural innovation hubs to spark the revival of small towns across America. 

Visit CORI's website to learn more.

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Go Forward Pine Bluff is a public/private partnership that engages Pine Bluff residents in reimagining the city through targeted projects, grants and initiatives aimed at transforming Pine Bluff into a regional center and point of destination for cultural activities, sporting events, educational opportunities, dining and historical museums.  It envisions a city characterized by robust and sustainable economic growth, educational opportunity, responsive leadership and an attractive quality of life that offers residents a beautiful, safe and healthy environment with a wealth of cultural, social and entertainment options.

Visit Go Forward Pine Bluff's website to learn more.

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Welcome CORI and Go Forward Pine Bluff to the Rural LISC network of partners!