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LISC Small Business Relief Grants

LISC Rapid Relief and Resiliency Fund 

The LISC Rapid Relief and Resiliency Fund will inject much-needed, flexible resources into historically under-invested communities. These are the places that are suffering most from the economic fallout gripping our nation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim is to raise up to $100 million in grants, loans and other investments for the Fund.

Small Business Relief Grant Info & FAQ

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This page includes preliminary information for a business seeking a Small Business Relief Grant. Before proceeding, it is recommended that individuals thoroughly read the below for more information and check back frequently for updates. 

When entering your telephone number in the application please only enter numbers-The form does not recognize characters or spaces in the telephone section.  

Sample Telephone Entry: 123 456 7891


Information provided through the application process is the responsibility of each applicant. Applications submitted to the portal remain confidential to the general public and any fellow applicants. Applicants will not hold LISC, its affiliates, members, partners, and staff liable for any losses, damages, costs, or expenses, of any kind relating to the use or the adequacy, accuracy, or completeness of any information loaded in the form. See LISC's Privacy Policy for more details.

Conflict of Interest

Directors, officers, and employees of LISC and sponsors, and such individuals' family members (spouse, parents, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and spouses of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren) are not eligible to apply or seek an award.


If awarded, please be advised the business/applicant may be contacted by LISC and/or sponsors for promotional purposes.


LISC may monitor and conduct evaluation activity funded by the Small Business Recovery Grant. This might involve a review of quantitative or qualitative data needed to understand the impact of the fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the size of the awards?
Grants will be made in the amounts of $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000.

Can I change my application after it’s been submitted?
No, you cannot change the application once it’s been submitted.  It is recommended that before completing and submitting the online form, respondents save their answers in a separate backup document, as your work may not be saved if you leave the web page before submitting the application. You may also lose your work if your internet is disconnected, or as a result of other potential web browser issues. We cannot accept changes to your application once it has been submitted, so please review it carefully.

Do grant applicants receive a confirmation that they submitted their application?
Every applicant receives a confirmation screen that follows if all fields are filled out correctly and after hitting "done". 

Are applicants who applied in prior rounds automatically rolled into subsequent rounds?
No, those that submitted in subsequent rounds will not be rolled into future rounds automatically. You may re-apply.

When will portal close for submission?
Applications are being accepted in “rounds”.  A round is open for one week and then closed.  Dates for each round are posted on the LISC website. 

What is Registration?
You may register on the LISC website to be notified of grant rounds opening.

How will awardees be notified?
LISC will utilize email to communicate with all applicants. Be sure to check email regularly, including spam folders. 

Will there be any reporting?
If your business is selected as a finalist, you will be notified via email.  Being selected as a finalist does not guarantee you will receive a grant. As a finalist, additional documentation will be required to screen and verify business information for due diligence, which is required by the funding source. This includes a background search that we will conduct and submission of a W-9 and appropriate banking information in order to receive funds.