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Citizens Bank

LISC is grateful to Citizens Bank for its recent support of seven sites: Boston, Buffalo, Connecticut Statewide, Hartford, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and Toledo. This generosity advances comprehensive community development efforts throughout the Northeast, for example affordable housing creation in Connecticut and preservation in Philadelphia; support for minority entrepreneurs in Boston, including a business plan competition for business owners from Boston’s majority-minority neighborhoods; commercial revitalization initiatives in Toledo, including an arts entrepreneurship program that provides creative entrepreneurs with training and capital; comprehensive and concentrated community development work to continue to grow the investments and productivity of our partners and communities in Buffalo; and the Growing Communities and Our Neighborhoods initiatives in Rhode Island, which improve quality of life and leverage additional resources in neighborhoods statewide.

Barbara Cottam, Head of Corporate Affairs at Citizens Bank, remarked “At Citizens Bank, it’s important to us to contribute to the overall health of the communities where we do business.  When the community prospers, we all prosper.  Through partnerships like those we have with LISC, we are able to invest in local solutions that are improving the lives of our neighbors by strengthening the neighborhoods where they live.”

Since 1992, Citizens has provided $119 million in grant, loan, and equity support to LISC, and serves on  six LISC local advisory committees.

Citizens Bank supports programs to fight hunger, teach money management, and strengthen communities.

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