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LISC is grateful for Accenture’s dedication to increasing skills training for in-demand jobs. Since 2013, Accenture has committed $900,000 in cash grants to help expand LISC’s Bridges to Career Opportunities program to City Colleges of Chicago and LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs) in Indianapolis, Houston, Twin Cities and Detroit.

Additionally, Accenture has recently completed a $675,000 pro bono project to enhance the Bridges to Career Opportunities by developing information technology (IT) industry curricula including: digital literacy, IT customer support and medical IT bridge curricula. These contextualized “bridge” programs are designed to boost unemployed and underemployed adults’ basic skills (reading, math, English, and digital literacy) to the level needed to qualify for technical training programs that can lead to stable middle-skills jobs.

Deploying these new curricula within LISC’s FOCs network will provide clients with opportunities for digital skills development. Additionally, we are able to integrate our Bridges to Career Opportunities program into the FOC platform – career and personal finance service centers that help low- to moderate-income people build smart money habits and focus on the financial bottom line.

Accenture’s support is part of their Skills to Succeed corporate citizenship initiative, which advances employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals around the globe, leveraging technology to drive impact at scale and help close employment gaps. Since 2010, Skills to Succeed has equipped more than 1.2 million people around the world with the skills to get a job or build a business.

Accenture believes it is our responsibility to address pressing societal needs including unemployment gaps. Learn how Accenture is improving the way the world works and lives. 

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