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Robins Foundation

LISC is proud to recognize the Robins Foundation for its generous support to LISC Virginia, helping to improve educational outcomes for young children in the East End of Richmond. Thanks to a recent grant from the Robins Foundation, LISC Virginia and our partner, ChildSavers, are increasing child care providers’ access to training, certification, and capital to improve their quality of care. This multifaceted approach links workforce development, quality assurance training, small business development, and health access to create higher capacity child care providers who can better prepare children for school.

The approach is twofold: LISC provides small business grants and technical assistance to selected child care providers to build their capacity to better serve young children; and ChildSavers delivers trainings to the same child care providers to improve the programmatic elements of their facilities. Trainings include mental health consultation for early learning professionals, child development associate certification, kindergarten readiness, and progress of early childhood developmental milestones.

Through this effort, we seek to increase school readiness by 25% among children served through this program.

“Improving quality early child care helps create an environment of opportunity for everyone in Richmond to thrive,” said Kelly Chopus, CEO of the Robins Foundation. “Partnering with organizations like LISC and ChildSavers is key to achieving this goal and the mission of the Robins Foundation.”

LISC Virginia and the Robins Foundation have been partners since 1999. We are grateful for the foundation’s continued dedication to increasing quality of life for all residents of Richmond.

LISC received this grant through the Robins Foundation’s Community Innovation Grant program, which the foundation created to inspire innovative solutions to community issues. The grant program encourages nonprofits in the Richmond area to think big and to work collaboratively to address some of city’s greatest challenges.

The Robins Foundation aims to lead transformational change in the greater Richmond community by listening, learning, and engaging through innovative philanthropy that inspires solutions to society’s greatest challenges.

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