Donor of the Month

Hudson-Webber Foundation

Hudson-Webber Foundation has been a Detroit LISC partner for nearly three decades. We’re grateful for this long-term collaboration to help improve the quality of life for all Detroit residents.

Most recently, the Foundation has invested in our newest effort, the Equitable Impact Investment Fund (EIIF). Through EIIF, Detroit LISC will invest $75 million to ensure that all residents can participate in and benefit from decisions that shape Detroit's neighborhoods. LISC will lead coordinated collaboration between local government, anchor institutions, philanthropy, and local nonprofits to invest in and foster meaningful change in Detroit neighborhoods.

EIIF will leverage more than $225 million over the next three years to create 6,000 new and preserved affordable homes, 5,000 living wage jobs for residents, and 100 small businesses.

Detroit LISC’s approach to this fund builds on our 27-year foundation In Detroit with an increased focus on economic development. Our priorities are attracting new businesses to struggling areas and expanding local income; conducting outreach to nontraditional partners, especially anchor institutions, to connect them to community planning efforts; and building the skills and earning power of local residents who have often been marginalized by the traditional economy.

Since 1990, Detroit LISC has provided more than $200 million in grants, loans and program investments, which has leveraged over $890 million to develop and preserve 6,200 units of affordable housing and 2.9 million square feet of commercial, retail and community space.

The Hudson-Webber Foundation has contributed over $200 million to Detroit nonprofits working in four priority program areas: community & economic development, safe & just communities, built environment, and arts & culture.

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