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Victoria Foundation

Victoria Foundation and LISC have been partners since 1986, working together to strengthen communities in Newark, New Jersey. Further deepening its partnership with LISC, Victoria Foundation has chosen Greater Newark LISC to serve as its intermediary on a nascent Target Neighborhood Initiative (TNI), a resident-driven, targeted investment effort. The TNI focuses on two neighborhoods: Fairmount and Upper Clinton.

With a new one-year, $260,000 grant from the Victoria Foundation, Greater Newark LISC will expand its program efforts particularly in the area of resident engagement and leadership development in the two neighborhoods. With the foundation’s resources, Greater Newark LISC will further integrate the Newark Resident Leadership Institute into its core programming. Both LISC and Victoria Foundation recognize that sustained growth in communities is best achieved when residents are actively engaged in the process. The Leadership Institute helps Newark residents hone and grow their leadership skills to become more effective community advocates.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with LISC through the Target Neighborhood Initiative,” said Irene Cooper-Basch, executive officer of the Victoria Foundation. “We are working together to empower Newark’s residents to effect change where they live. The resident leaders created through this program will help revitalize Newark’s neighborhoods with benefits to be felt for years to come.”

The partnership between LISC and Victoria Foundation spans over 30 years, with the foundation providing LISC with a total of $2.5 million in grants. The continued generosity of the foundation has helped LISC invest over $99 million in Newark, supporting the development and preservation of 2,300 affordable housing units as well as the creation of 526,000 square feet of community and retail space. 

In addition, LISC benefits from the service of Craig Drinkard, Associate Director of Victoria Foundation, who chairs Greater Newark LISC’s local advisory committee.

Founded in 1924, Victoria Foundation is a private grantmaking institution focused on impacting the cycle of poverty in Newark, NJ. Issue areas include K-12 education, neighborhood revitalization, environment, and youth and families.

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