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Cities RISE Request for Applications

What is Cities RISE?

Cities for Responsible Investment and Strategic Enforcement (“Cities RISE”) is a program that will provide cities, towns, and villages in New York State with populations greater than 25,000 (or collaborations of municipalities with combined populations greater than 25,000) with easy to use technology that will coordinate, map out and analyze disparate sources of data with the goal of facilitating effective, equitable strategies to spur housing revitalization. Cities RISE will empower local governments to make improvements in three main areas:

  • Data Integration and Analytics: Cities RISE will enable cities, towns, and villages to better understand their housing stock, identify trends in their distressed housing, and think strategically about interventions that can create healthier and more vibrant neighborhoods.
  • Equitable Policy and Practices: The program seeks to support cities, towns, and villages to recognize and correct existing housing and code enforcement policies that have historically had a negative and disparate impact on lower income communities.
  • Civic Engagement and Innovation: Cities RISE will empower community stakeholders to participate in decision-making and implementation of innovative housing programs based on successful models backed by empirical evidence.

This Request for Applicants (RFA) seeks applicants for the Phase One of Cities RISE. The funding for this program was recovered by NY Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman as the result of bank settlements related to the housing crisis. Phase One is jointly managed by Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. (Enterprise) and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). Enterprise and LISC are national nonprofit organizations that facilitate community development, with a long history of program facilitation in New York State.


Request for Applications
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To inform program design, consultants were engaged to conduct a feasibility study to analyze the asset management capacity and data needs of NY municipalities. The study included a thorough market analysis of data platforms designed for code enforcement/ asset management. The study team unanimously recommended the BuildingBlocks application.

Applicants who are chosen under this RFA will receive a two-year license to use the BuildingBlocks data platform, technical assistance in using the platform, and additional consulting services to help plan and implement a comprehensive approach to housing challenges.

Learn more about BuildingBlocks:


Helene Caloir, Director, NYS Housing Stabilization Fund