Our Initiatives

Safe Neighborhoods

Safety is fundamental to the health and vitality of communities. People need to know that their children can walk to school without fear, and that their neighborhood streets and parks are peace­ful places—every bit as much as they need good, affordable housing, living-wage jobs and strong schools.

Safety is also critical to attracting communi­ty-minded businesses and homeowners to neigh­borhoods. When crime is high, local economies shrivel. Revitalization and crime reduction must go hand in hand.

So we help communities build their way out of crime. That means transforming nuisance properties into good, affordable housing, inviting businesses to streets where crime once deterred investment and reclaiming parks to make them safe places for people from all walks of life to enjoy.

LISC neighborhoods have experienced up to a
70% drop in crime

LISC Safety (formerly known as Community Safety Initiative or CSI) supports residents, police, community developers and other people who care about a neighborhood to collaborate in addressing crime and disorder. In 2012, we were selected to provide technical assistance for the Justice Department’s Innovations in Community Based Crime Reduction (CBCR) Program, which teams up law enforcement, researchers and neighbors to tackle crime and build community. With our support, grantees gather data and use it to tailor crime reduction strategies for specific, local places.

Officer and youth, Rhode Island
Officer and youth, Rhode Island

Through our sports and recreation programs and our local offices, we help communities create well-maintained playing fields and courts, redevelop parks and offer quality after-school and summer programs for youth. After all, a basic litmus test of the wellbeing of a neighborhood is the wellbeing of its children.