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11.08.2017 -

“Innovation as a Mantra”

From tapping the capital markets to creating a housing fund with Silicon Valley giant Facebook, LISC is out front in path-breaking ways to fund community development, with CEO Maurice Jones leading the charge. The Chronicle of Philanthropy highlights LISC’s track record and new strategies that keep our mission and our work flourishing.

LISC Board Chair Rubin Urges Jobs Programs in NY Times

In a New York Times op-ed, Robert Rubin makes the case for a federal jobs initiative, citing the success of LISC’s work readiness programs in connecting people to the workforce and the reins of economic opportunity. A national approach should be seen not “as a social program but as a public investment with a high rate of return,” wrote Rubin--and as an imperative for the health of our economy and society. We couldn’t agree more.

11.01.2017 -

LISC CEO Talks Impact Investment on CBS Detroit

In a televised roundtable, CEO Maurice Jones detailed a new LISC impact investment fund that doubles our commitment in Detroit. The fund is expected to leverage more than $225 million in total investment over the next three years in 10 neighborhoods pinpointed in the city’s latest development strategy.

10.26.2017 -

$75 Million for Jobs, Homes and Business in Detroit

Detroit LISC announced that it will double its investment in the city’s neighborhoods over the next three years to finance affordable homes, businesses and living-wage jobs. An article in Crain’s lays out the details of the plan, which is expected to leverage another $225 million in development, and expand investment into 10 new neighborhoods.

10.18.2017 -

#CraftingSomethingGreat in Duluth

In an op-ed for the Duluth News Tribune, Pam Kramer enumerates the plans, investments, collaborations and creative sparks that have turned an area of blight and brownfield into the Lincoln Park Craft District. The humming, entrepreneurial neighborhood has become a model for how to leverage local craft manufacturing to fuel community revitalization, says Duluth LISC’s executive director.

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