Our Stories

2.17.2017 -

Small Businesses Grow Big Opportunity in the Bay Area

In an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle, LISC CEO Maurice Jones and program vice president Joseph Horiye describe how entrepreneurship is lifting a long-disinvested neighborhood. With LISC’s help, small businesses in the Bayview area of San Francisco are creating jobs, energy and opportunity for residents old and new—and offer a model for how to shrink the income gap. Photo courtesy of Yvonne’s Southern Sweets and Chloe Jackman Photography.

2.15.2017 -

A ‘Honeymoon’ for New Businesses in Jacksonville

With smart planning and marketing, and an influx of new companies repurposing old industrial buildings, a wholesale district in Jacksonville is poised to become a hub for the city and the region. Thanks in part to technical assistance and investment from LISC, the poetically named “Honeymoon Yard” holds 346 businesses, creating 6,289 jobs and generating $2.6 billion in annual revenue.

2.06.2017 -

A Personal Stake in Housing the Homeless

Last week, the Los Angeles City Council appointed Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, executive director of LISC's LA office, to a committee that will oversee a $1.2 billion effort targeting homelessness there. The crisis is of particular importance to Trash-Ntuk who, in her youth, experienced homelessness. The initiative aims to create 10,000 units of housing for homeless people and families over the next 10 years.

12.21.2016 -

Taking the Pulse of Indianapolis

Is Indianapolis feeling the strains of gentrification and displacement? LISC Indy wanted to find out, so they commissioned a study from the Center for Community Progress. The results were mixed, some surprising, some not: only five of 200 Census tracts have experienced displacement while many more have lost significant population, income and jobs. Areas that are home to artists have been epicenters of revitalization, and are key to LISC’s Great Places 2020 initiative to transform five Indy neighborhoods in the next four years.

12.20.2016 -

A Transformative Plan for Jacksonville

LISC Jacksonville has unveiled an expansive plan to help create hundreds of new affordable homes, commercial and educational space, jobs and businesses in the city’s Eastside neighborhood. The Eastside has struggled with high rates of unemployment and poverty-born disease but has a rich history and cultural heritage, which the project will incorporate and honor, says Janet Owens, LISC Jacksonville’s director.